Growing up near the coast, Symon liked nothing better than turning over stones to see what he could discover. That curiosity has carried him on a lifelong path of discovery, starting with a BS in Physical Chemistry and a PhD plus postdoctoral study in enzymology and biophysics.

His desire for practical consequences of his inquisitive nature led Symon to 10 years at GSK, making important contributions in early phase small-molecule discovery across a range of therapeutic areas. He ultimately took on Program Leader roles in the programs that produced TAFINLAR and MEKINIST for oncology. He has authored multiple publications and presented research findings at international meetings.

Those skills now serve Renavatio clients well as Symon focuses on the challenges of maximizing the commercial potential of newly discovered assets. He is undaunted by the clutter and ambiguity that may face a new modality in search of a market position. In fact, Symon thrives on discovering simple strategies that drive understanding, differentiation, and adoption.

When not thinking about science or at the shore turning over stones, Symon focuses his attention on squash, running, and gardening.