Get focused perspectives that drive brand adoption

Success in the market isn’t just about branding or promotion—it’s about adoption.

As Brand Adoptioneers™, that’s the point of view that informs everything we do, from early-commercialization strategy to brand launches and creative campaigns, for new assets and for mature brands. We look at your product, your audience, and your competition from multiple viewpoints; broadly, from 30,000 feet, to a detailed 300X power, uncovering every path to turn innovative products into meaningful solutions that HCPs rely on.


Since our founding in 2008, we’ve delivered scientific, strategic, and creative solutions that drive brand adoption. And with a team that brings decades of experience serving assets and brands like yours, you can count on a well-informed point of view.

Healthcare Advertising

We deliver your brand’s story in surround sound with our complete creative services.

Positioning & Brand Strategy

Logo & Graphic Identity

Branded Messaging

Branded Creative Campaigns

Launch Strategy

Tactical Campaign Execution

Congress Exhibit Creative

Digital & Social Media

Sales Training & POAs

Medical Communications

We bring your data to life, advancing HCP knowledge of your product.

Medical Communications Strategy

Scientific Message Platforms

Disease Awareness Campaigns

Competitive Intelligence

Clinical Practice Resources

MOA Illustrations/Animation

Speaker Program Content

TL Engagement Strategy

Advisory Boards


We help pinpoint promising early assets, and identify differentiators.

Landscape & Competitive Assessment

Corporate & Asset Profiling

Platform & Pipeline Assessment

TOP & TPP Development

Indication Sequencing

Trial Claims Analysis

MOA & Asset Class Deep Dives

Label Language Optimization

Workshop Facilitation


  • Sheila Gerus
  • Kathy Zaiser
  • Celine Darche
  • Joe Vitale
  • Symon Erskine
  • Sheila Gerus

    Sheila Gerus

    Owner, President

    “Do you really know what’ll drive your brand’s adoption? Do you really know what matters most?”

    Sheila views brand development as an essential aspect of the commercialization process. It’s a view that makes more integral, competitive brands possible.

    Sheila’s vision developed from her firsthand experience as a brand strategist. As Chief Strategy Officer at her former agency, she was responsible for the ideation, development, and execution of marketing and promotion best practices. She led several teams that launched global brands for major pharmaceutical companies and provided strategic consultation in the areas of oncology, transplantation, autoimmune disease, dermatology, and gene therapy.

    With her academic background in pharmacy and business, as well as diverse client-side experience, ranging from new product development and regulatory affairs to strategic planning and postpatent defense, Sheila excels at delivering a better brand-building perspective for specialty brands at any stage of their journey.

    As part of her own personal journey, Sheila enjoys sampling different cuisines and learning how to integrate them into her everyday cooking. She’s also a student of Korean martial arts.

  • Kathy Zaiser

    Kathy Zaiser

    Vice President, Client Services

    “Understanding the dynamic environment your brand will enter is essential to its success.”

    Kathy has been marketing healthcare products for more than 25 years. Having worked a variety of large and small life sciences companies, she has overseen both promotional and medical educational campaigns for a diverse range of therapeutic categories from immunotherapy, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes, point-of-care diagnostics, and virology to OTC brands in women’s health, nutrition, and oral care.

    As Director of Client Services, Kathy plays a central role guiding every account at Renavatio. Her experience, curiosity, and unique way of thinking are essential as she provides strategic leadership on brands wherever they are in their lifecycle, from early-stage development through launch and mature-brand management.

    Among her other interests, Kathy is an avid baker and cook. Her extensive array of cookbooks is only exceeded by her assortment of various types of flours, vinegars, and chocolate.