Sheila views brand development as an essential aspect of the commercialization process. It’s a view that makes more integral, competitive brands possible.

Sheila’s vision developed from her firsthand experience as a brand strategist. As Chief Strategy Officer at her former agency, she was responsible for the ideation, development, and execution of marketing and promotion best practices. She led several teams that launched global brands for major pharmaceutical companies and provided strategic consultation in the areas of oncology, transplantation, autoimmune disease, dermatology, and gene therapy.

With her academic background in pharmacy and business, as well as diverse client-side experience, ranging from new product development and regulatory affairs to strategic planning and postpatent defense, Sheila excels at delivering a better brand-building perspective for specialty brands at any stage of their journey.

As part of her own personal journey, Sheila enjoys sampling different cuisines and learning how to integrate them into her everyday cooking. She’s also a student of Korean martial arts.